How to request changes to information registered with the Swedish Tax Agency

You can request changes to your enterprise’s registered details by filling in and submitting a "Notification of changes" form (SKV 4639). This form is available in both English and Swedish.

Which changes can I request via form SKV 4639?

You can request changes to details such as the following:

  • registered names, postal address or special tax address (please note that a change to your enterprise’s postal address must be entered under “Other information”)
  • the tax category for which your enterprise is registered (you can add, deregister or change details). This might be necessary if, for example, you continue to run your business but no longer have any employees. You will then have to deregister as an employer
  • your registered SNI code(s), which must be updated if your enterprise changes to, or adds, a new field of activity
  • your enterprise’s VAT reporting period or deadline (you can change from quarterly to monthly, for example)
  • your enterprise’s registered financial year (if you change it from a calendar year to a split financial year, for example)
  • your enterprise’s reporting period as an employer (for example, if your business becomes seasonal).

If your non-Swedish enterprise has been restructured or transferred, and has been given a new company registration number in your country of establishment, you must submit a “Notification of changes” form with the relevant deregistration details. The new company must then register via our e-service for tax in Sweden.

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